April Edition,
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Welcome to the April edition of Oratus Monthly, a breakdown of must haves and got to knows for the month.

We aim to compliment the modern professional with insider knowledge on the current trends,

without the long tedious and repetitive descriptions. Simply what you need to know, quick and clear.

When time is not enough…

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with Qkr Upgrade!

Qkr!™ with MasterPass allows you to pay at your favourite restaurant's hassle free! The Open Tab upgrade allows you to open and close tabs electronically. No more flailing your arms to get the attention of staff, lengthy discussions and gawky calculations for group purchases and having to leave payment cards behind bars. Simply dine and electronically pay.

Also get £5 off anytime you share the joy with a friend and on your first purchase.

Currently available to be used in ASK Italian, ZIZI and Wagamama


Acqua di Parma - Body Cream

Italian Resort


It's important to look after your hands, after all, we use them for so many things. Now, this product is not specifically for the hands but for the full body. We found it to feel and be particularly good for the hands. This product boasts a Mediterranean Re-Activating formula that is smooth textured and that absorbs into the skin leaving it feeling firm and soft. A great man bag item.

£58 (at Harrods)


Whiteley Odeon Lounge

Watch movies in style

If you read our previous E-magazines we mentioned all the great films that would be coming out this year. It would only be fitting in this months edition to tell you where we think you should watch them. The Whiteley Odeon Lounge is a luxury cinema experience mixing fine dining with a film. It's located in a retro building but once you're in the experience is truly one to go back for. If you are a movie enthusiast then give this place a go. A definite upgrade on the regular cinema and a nice place to take a date.

Prices Ranging from £20 weekdays to £27 weekends


Mercedes S Class

Soon we really won’t have to physically drive whilst driving

Let us take a minute to appreciate a few of the specifications of the new Mercedes S-Class which is due to be unveiled at the shanghai motoring show this April and goes on sale in autumn.

  • Remote Parking- The car will park itself with you in or out of it.
  • Car-to-X- alerting drivers of dangers/accident/hazards.
  • Speed adjustments- automatically changing the speed to suit upcoming road situations.
  • and, automatic lane change, emergency steering, emergency braking, traffic crawling and more

Dandelyan Bar


A great place to drink, a nice place to eat.

The Danadelyan Bar sits in the lobby of the multi-million pound Mondrian Hotel in the former sea containers house. It's a swanky bar with an interesting array of rich colours and lighting. It is a nice spot to host a small intimate social or meet with a client. Put this place in your diary in case you get stuck of ideas, it won’t let you down.

Voted best international cocktail bar (2015) and world's best cocktail menu (2016)


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